What Is FedEx Door Tag Number

What Is FedEx Door Tag Number?

If you have ever received a delivery from FedEx, you might have noticed a small white sticker on your front door or mailbox. This sticker, known as a FedEx door tag, contains important information about your delivery and serves as proof that the courier attempted to deliver a package to your address.

A FedEx door tag number is a unique identifier that is printed on this sticker. This number is crucial in tracking your package and ensuring its safe delivery. With the door tag number, you can easily access detailed information about your shipment, such as its current location and estimated delivery date.

How does the FedEx door tag system work?

When a FedEx courier attempts to deliver a package to your address and you’re not available to receive it, they will leave a door tag instead. The door tag contains the tracking number of the package, along with a barcode and other essential details. The courier will also check a specific reason code on the door tag to indicate why the package couldn’t be delivered.

Once the door tag is left, FedEx offers several options to ensure you receive your package:

1. Schedule a re-delivery: If you know you’ll be available for delivery on a specific day, you can visit the FedEx website or contact customer service to schedule a re-delivery for a convenient time.

2. Pick up at a FedEx location: FedEx offers various pickup options, such as holding the package at a nearby FedEx location or an authorized FedEx Ship Center. The door tag will provide instructions on where and when you can pick up your package.

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3. Provide delivery instructions: You can leave a signed door tag with instructions for the courier, such as leaving the package with a neighbor or in a specific location at your address. Note that FedEx will only follow these instructions if they deem them safe and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions about FedEx Door Tag Number

Q: Can I track my package using the door tag number?
A: Yes, you can track your package using the door tag number on the FedEx website or through their mobile app. Simply enter the door tag number in the tracking section, and you will get real-time updates on the status of your shipment.

Q: What if I lost my door tag?
A: If you misplaced your door tag, don’t worry. You can still track your package using the tracking number provided by the sender. This number can be found on the shipping label or in the confirmation email you received.

Q: Can I authorize someone else to pick up my package?
A: Yes, you can authorize someone else to pick up your package by filling out the appropriate section on the door tag. The authorized person will need to provide a valid ID and the door tag number at the FedEx location when collecting the package.

Q: How long will FedEx hold my package at a pickup location?
A: FedEx will hold your package for up to five business days at a pickup location. After that, the package will be returned to the sender.

Q: Can I request a specific delivery time?
A: FedEx offers delivery time options for certain services, such as FedEx Priority Overnight or FedEx 2Day. However, these options may come with additional charges. It’s best to check with FedEx for availability and pricing.

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In conclusion, a FedEx door tag number is an essential tool for tracking and managing your deliveries. It allows you to take control of your package by rescheduling delivery, picking it up at a convenient location, or providing specific instructions to the courier. By understanding the functionality of the door tag system, you can ensure a smooth and successful delivery experience with FedEx.

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