How to Get Free Coins on Grand Harvest Solitaire

How to Get Free Coins on Grand Harvest Solitaire

Grand Harvest Solitaire is a popular mobile game that combines solitaire gameplay with farming elements. As you progress through the game, you’ll need coins to unlock new levels, buy boosters, and enhance your farm. While the game offers in-app purchases for coins, there are also several ways to get free coins. In this article, we will explore various methods to earn coins without spending real money on the game.

1. Daily Rewards: One of the easiest ways to earn free coins is by logging into the game every day. Grand Harvest Solitaire offers daily rewards, which include coins. Make sure to open the game regularly to claim your daily bonus.

2. Level Up: As you play and complete levels, you will earn experience points (XP) and level up. Each time you level up, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of coins. Focus on progressing through the levels to accumulate more coins.

3. Complete Farm Orders: The game features farm orders where you can sell crops and earn coins. Keep an eye on the farm orders board and fulfill the orders to receive coins as a reward. This is a great way to earn extra coins while also managing your farm.

4. Compete in Tournaments: Grand Harvest Solitaire regularly hosts tournaments where you can compete against other players. Participating in tournaments and achieving high scores can reward you with coins. Keep an eye on the tournament events and give it your best shot to earn extra coins.

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5. Connect with Facebook: By connecting your game to Facebook, you can earn bonus coins. Not only will you receive a certain number of coins as a reward for connecting, but you can also send and receive gifts from friends who also play the game. This is a mutually beneficial way to earn more coins.

6. Daily Challenges: The game offers daily challenges that involve completing specific tasks or objectives. By completing these challenges, you can earn coins as a reward. Make sure to check the daily challenges and complete them to earn extra coins.

7. Watch Advertisements: Another way to earn free coins is by watching advertisements. The game occasionally offers you the option to watch a short video advertisement in exchange for coins. Take advantage of these opportunities to boost your coin collection.


Q: Are there any cheat codes or hacks to get free coins in Grand Harvest Solitaire?
A: No, there are no legitimate cheat codes or hacks to get free coins in the game. Beware of websites or apps claiming to provide cheat codes as they could be scams or compromise your data security.

Q: Can I transfer coins between devices?
A: Unfortunately, coins cannot be transferred between devices. Each device has its own separate coin balance.

Q: Why do I need coins in Grand Harvest Solitaire?
A: Coins are essential for unlocking new levels, purchasing boosters, and upgrading your farm. They play a crucial role in progressing through the game.

Q: Can I earn coins by inviting friends to play?
A: Currently, there is no feature to earn coins by inviting friends to play Grand Harvest Solitaire. However, by connecting with friends on Facebook, you can exchange gifts, which may include coins.

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In conclusion, there are several ways to earn free coins in Grand Harvest Solitaire. By taking advantage of daily rewards, completing farm orders, participating in tournaments, and connecting with Facebook, you can accumulate coins without spending real money on the game. Remember to watch out for scams claiming to offer cheat codes or hacks, and enjoy the game responsibly.

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