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Find a mentor – Entering into the real world can be both exciting and intimidating. Finding a good mentor can help mitigate this anxiety. Whether it is shadowing someone in their field or visiting an office to get career advice, having the guidance from a professional can benefit you greatly.

Use the career center – At the beginning of your senior year, it is a great idea to get accostomed to the career center to see all that it has to offer. They can halp you find a mentor, plan to get a job after graduation and assist you with resume preparation.

Plan mock interviews – Some schools have career classes as an elective that can teach you how to effectively enter the professional world. They can teach you how to dress, use appropriate language, perform mock interviews and many other things to help you in your professional life.

Prepare for your finals – Make sure that your last year of school is one without distractions. You are finally at the finish line and all you have to do is cross it. Make a schedule that will deter disruptions from roommates, work and family. This is the time to really buckle down.

Figure out what to do next – Decide whether you are going to go to graduate school or if you will get a job. Most graduate programs require a test such as the GMAT or the GRE. Decide how you are going to prepare for these exams, and get to it.

Try to get references – Inform your favorite professors and administrators that you would like to use them for a reference. You can also use managers from a current job or internship. Some programs require a letter of reference. Let your reference know early that you would like their assistance. They will be obliged to help you.

Decide where you will live after graduation – Find out If you are going to continue living with your friends, move back home with your parents or venture out on your own. Letting your landlords and roommates know your plans can save you a lot of money and stress in the long run. Putting down a deposit on a new place prior to graduation will make your move easier. Then you can focus on getting your diploma and making the necessary plans for the next stage in your life.

Pay off any school fees – Before you graduate, it is important to pay off any fees that you might owe the school. The bursar’s and administration offices are great places to check to see if you have any outstanding debts that need to be paid. If they are not paid, the school will not release your diploma or your transcripts.

Attend Job Fairs – Recruiters from major companies attend job fairs to get the best and brightest graduates from each school. After visiting the career center, check their listings for local career fairs. Equipped with your new resume, you can land a good job.

Buy a good suit – Presentation is key when it comes to getting a job. Investing in a good suit will help you look and feel your best while talking to companies. The investment will pay you back many times over.

Review your online presence – There is nothing worse than landing the job that you want and having the risk of losing it because of pictures from your spring break vacation. Scour the web to make sure that your best and brightest accomplishments are highlighted. It might be a good idea to make your accounts private or even delete them.

Find companies in your major – Some majors are simple to accommodate in the professional world. Others may be a little more liberal and require some searching and advice. Getting a career counselor can help with this. They have tools to help you find your strengths, and may even know insiders at certain companies.

Enjoy yourself – In your last semester, it is good to just take it all in. Visit your favorite hang outs, spend time in the neighborhood, buy a cup of coffee for your favorite professor. Enjoy your last days on campus.